Hall of Fame

PADI Course Director in Costa Rica


Nationality: Dutch.

Martin fell in love with Scuba Diving in 1976. His first experience was with a bras helmet and a 80kg suit and led shoes. A lot of things have changed since 1976.

Martin is your PADI Course Director.

PADI Master Instructor


Nationality: Dutch.

Brenda became Staff Instructor because she felt it’s time to climb the PADI ladder as well. With her husband being a Course Director and Rich Coast Diving being a 5* IDC center she feels she can be more valuable as a Staff Instructor to the company. This is a step closer towards Course Director !!!

IDC Costa Rica ROB BALLERNationality: CanadeanMartin made me feel very comfortable and took extra time out of class to make me understand Physics.
I now can say I am an instructor and I can actually teach physics!
Thanks Martin.
Go Pro Costa Rica GUADALUPENationality: ArgentinianUntil today I had only 2 great teachers in all my life; my father and my brother.
After this IDC there is 1 more.
Martin ” I admire you and recognize you as a GREAT teacher.
PADI Instructor MARKNationality: AmericanAn incredible experience! Martin and Brenda are very supportive and make for excellent teachers.
Highly recommended for anyone that wants to take their IDC serious but doesn’t want to be bored out of their mind.
A lot of good fun.
Did IDC in Costa Rica FELIPENationality: Costa RicanWow! The IDC was one of the best experiences of my life. It’s unbelievable how much you can learn and how much fun you can have in 10 days.
Thanks to Martin & Brenda for this opportunity and for the new friendships that grew over the IDC.
Now it’s your turn, don’t miss it!
IDC Central America MOISESNationality: Costa RicanOne of the best experiences of my life, I found it a big challenge with a lot of fun. I think I learned from the best and I made new friends.
This IDC made me ready to teach and be confident.
PADI OWSI in Central America BOBBY JONationality: AmericanI feel fortunate to have taken the PADI Instructor course with Martin and Brenda. Martin and his staff for the IDC really dedicated their time to helping us to succeed.
I run a dive shop as well, plus have a 17 year old daughter and four horses to take care of; Martin was really there when I felt I just could not do it. I am so happy I did this and the friendships that became from it. I learned so much more about my business and I look forward to continuing my education in diving so I can teach others and share my love for the ocean.
Go Pro Central America STEPHANNationality: AmericanI was diving in Florida and made it to Dive master, I needed a change in my life and decided to become a PADI Instructor. Found Rich Coast Diving on the internet and checked with PADI about their reputation, and now I am a PADI Open Water Instructor.
PADI Pro DAVIDNationality: Costa RicanI did my PADI dive master at the INA (local school) and was ready to move on. I came to Rich Coast Diving for the IDC, passed the IE and now I’m working with Rich Coast in the weekends while I still study; this time to get my captains license so I can be of all round use at the dive center.
Thank to all the IDC staff members for all the help and support, I really needed it.
PADI OWSI in Costa Rica


Nationality: Costa Rica

Christian is from San Jose and has made many dives as a dive master in Cocos Islands. Now he is an instructor because he loves being in the ocean and would like to travel the world to make a good and fun living.

PADI MSDT in Central America Costa Rica


Nationality: United Kingdom

Jamie is a MSDT from England. He loves the diving here in Costa Rica and comes back excited every day. He likes to transfer his enthusiasm to his divers and will talk anybody who is slightly interested into taking a course. He will make sure they get the best of the best. His goal is to become Staff instructor in the next IDC and to improve his Spanish.

Go Pro in Costa Rica, do your IDC with Rich Coast Diving

EARL GIBBSNationality: USA

Co owner operator of Diving Safaris Costa Rica for 11 years.
Has been an Instructor for NASE, NAUI and SDI for 17 years but never a PADI instructor. With his family being PADI Instructors, to renew his love for the water and passion to teach kids of all ages, he has chosen to become a PADI instructor

Go Pro in Costa Rica, do your IDC with Rich Coast Diving IDC dive center


Nationality: Costa Rica

Eddie was a local dive master who was looking to climb the PADI ladder.
He is now a PADI instructor and ready to teach other people the fun of diving.

PADI Scuba Instructor in Costa Rica


Nationality: Canada

Shane has been ready to become an instructor for a while but always seemed to have other things going on. Now with a new job came to opportunity to do the IDC and he knows this makes him more valuable for the company. Shane did his IDC with Rich Coast Diving.

PADI Specialty Instructor in Costa Rica


Nationality: Dutch

Ron started diving in the Netherlands and completed his PADI DM and IDC with Rich Coast Diving. He realized he missed the class room and his GURU. Ron will attend this IDC to become a PADI IDC Staff Instructor.

Go Pro in Costa Rica, do your IDC with Rich Coast Diving


Nationality: Columbian

Will was an assistant instructor here in Playas del Coco and became an Instructor because he really loves this kind of work. He is responsible for teaching many different languages, especially Spanish to the foreigners here in Costa Rica. His dream is to combine this with teaching scuba diving.

Go Pro in Costa Rica, do your IDC with Rich Coast Diving IDC dive center


Nationalities: Argentinean, Canadian, and Italian (living in the US)

Silvia is currently diving in the cold waters of Boston and became an instructor fall 2008.
Her family is considering moving to Costa Rica so she did the IDC at Rich Coast Diving in September 2008.

Go Pro in Costa Rica, do your IDC with Rich Coast Diving


John did his dive master in Panama and is currently working as a dive instructor on Little Corn Island at Dive Little Corn. He first became a diver in 1998. The feeling of weightlessness, the silence and discovering new, rare and unusual sea life has inspired him to continue with his diving career.

PADI IDC Staff Instructor


Michelle is currently manager of Dive Little Corn based in Nicaragua on Little Corn Island. She looks forward with anticipation for this opportunity to audit the idc this September

PADI OWSI in Central America


Rebecca is currently working as a PADI Instructor on Little Corn Island on the Caribbean coast of Nicaragua. Before coming to Nicaragua she was volunteering with an Ecological centre in Mexico helping with a reef monitoring project. During her DM course she discovered how amazing it is to introduce people to the underwater world. She hopes to be able to inspire new divers to respect and protect it.

Scuba Instructor in Costa Rica, Central America


Dominik is Swiss and is crazy about diving. He also loves to teach.
He wants to spend his life on the sunny side of the planet with the oceans as his office.



Nationality: Dutch

Last year Zita came as a customer to Rich Coast Diving to do a few dives, she as well fell in Love with Costa Rica and Panama and traveled around for quit a while. She came back to Playas del Coco for the IDC and will most probably work as an instructor in Panama.

IDC candidate in Costa Rica


Nationality: Costa Rican

Better known as Memmo, came her to get some experience as a dive master and joined the IDC. Besides becoming a great guide, his English has improved immensely.

 PADI Master Instructor with PADI Central America


Nationality: British

Has spent 6 years in Central America and has now found her resting place in Manuel Antonio. She is an IDC Staff Instructor and a Biologist and has a passion for the oceans. She is looking to get more experience at the IDC and wants to be like Eddie…just not FAT.

PADI Master Instructor in Panama, Central America


Master Instructor Eddie was one of the first Panamanian PADI Instructors, qualifying in 2004 and is now Starfleet’s Senior Instructor. He is also a very experienced PADI Divemaster and an expert on the divesites in the region. He’s put on a litlle weight recently and is extremely sensitve about it so we try not to mention it…..well not too much anyway

PADI IDCS in Holland


Nationality: Dutch

Jean Paul worked as a PADI instructor with the Rich Coast Diving owners on Curacao in 2003. Now his goal is to follow Martin and become a Course Director as well. Attending this IDC will help him get a little closer to his goal.